2016 Presidential Election Results

As last night’s election results triggered uncertainty among investors, financial markets experienced downward pressure. However, this morning’s trading was calm relative to the commotion seen in the markets Tuesday night. As we indicated in our most recent blog post, we may see short-term volatility in the markets. This may present an opportunity to rebalance your portfolio and for our Wealth Management clients, incorporate tax planning strategies.

It’s completely normal to have some fear of the unknown during a time of change and transition. We have seen several elections come and go and have concluded that whenever we’ve experienced big shifts in the marketplace, it’s generally happened slowly and this election should be no different. We believe it’s important to keep calm, stay focused on your financial goals, and know that there are many factors that go into the state of the economy beyond the current president.

Should you feel uncertain about how the election may affect your financial future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Your Tobias Financial Advisors Team

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