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We partner with business owners to help them grow and fulfill their vision while mitigating their tax planning, preparing a strategic exit, and considering their personal goals and finances.

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We have specialized expertise in helping busy entrepreneurs focus on long-term goals, build a foundational roadmap, and integrate their professional and personal finances:

  • Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Estate and Next-Generation Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning

Gain insights and expertise to safeguard your financial future.

Read Gerald’s Story

Gerald, a business owner with over $5 million in personal net worth, specialized in producing customized manufacturing parts and was just hitting his first $2 million revenue year when he came to us. He was interested in identifying more tax-effective strategies to reduce his liability so he could focus on scaling his business. Gerald also needed guidance in reviewing his family’s personal finances, a task that had been on the back burner for many years. He wanted to protect his wife and three teenage children in the event of his absence and ensure he could eventually retire if and when he chose.


  • Comprehensive tax planning to identify savings opportunities
  • Collaboration with professionals such as attorneys and private equity experts
  • Next-generation and legacy planning
  • Exit and retirement planning
  • Building business value


  • We provided a high-level view of how Gerald’s business affected his personal goals by reviewing his finances, taxes, and investments. We suggested insurance and tax-advantaged options like an employee 401(k) to help reduce his tax burden.
  • We helped Gerald in exit planning and adding business value and developed a clear retirement plan and timeframe.
  • We built an estate plan and gifting strategy to transfer Gerald’s wealth to his family via tax-efficient vehicles, manage estate taxes, and begin next-generation planning with his children based on his values and legacy wishes.

Hear Tom and Cathy’s Story

Tom and Cathy, business owners in their 60s, came to us during a market downturn with an overconcentration of assets in their business. The couple, having recently invested in a new warehouse that would allow their company to expand production, sought guidance to manage market risks while keeping their doors open and staff employed. The circumstances also prompted Tom and Cathy to be more intentional about diversifying their assets and focusing on their estate plan and future retirement, which would likely involve transferring ownership of the business to their adult children.


  • Comprehensive tax planning to identify savings opportunities
  • Collaboration with professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance agents
  • Next-generation and legacy planning
  • Exit and retirement planning
  • Guidance in selling a business


  • We used tax-efficient strategies to leverage portfolio assets to help the couple sustain their business while the economy recovered and diversify their investments to manage future variability. 
  • Working with their CPA and lawyer, we facilitated the development of a business succession plan, structuring the sale of their business to their adult children to align with their retirement strategy, income needs, and goals. 
  • In addition to ongoing estate and tax planning support during their retirement, we earned their children’s trust and wealth management relationship, including third-generation family considerations, insurance guidance, and retirement planning.

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