Women in Transition

Who we serve

We guide and support women navigating a career change, divorce or loss of spouse or partner, or other significant financial changes in paving new paths in the light of uncertainty, building independent goals, and implementing strategies to optimize their next chapter. 

What we Offer

Our comprehensive services consider the unique, multifaceted roles of women in transition as primary caregivers, empowered investors, working professionals, retirees, and more:

  • Investment Management
  • Pre- and Post-Divorce Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Assistance

Read Rachel’s Story

Rachel was a high-powered executive in her 40s who came to our team during the final stages of a contentious divorce. She had felt pressured into unfavorable terms to accelerate the proceedings and preserve the peace for her kids. As the primary income producer, she was worried her alimony and child support payments would significantly derail her financial plan, nest egg, and goals. While she was financially strong on paper, she believed she was starting from square one. She was ready to move on and focus on herself. Still, she needed clarity amid the emotions of her current situation and the confidence to build and sustain a new life for herself, her children, and their future.


  • Pre- and post-divorce planning, income modeling, and facilitating conversations among other professionals on client’s behalf
  • Cash flow management that aligned with her new goals
  • Document, policy, and beneficiary updates
  • Retirement planning


  • We worked with Rachel’s legal team, updated essential documents, and developed income projections, giving her an informed outlook of her options. 
  • We distributed alimony payments on Rachel’s behalf, implemented a new portfolio strategy, and managed her cash flow to cover her new expenses and kids’ college tuition. 
  • Our disciplined approach to investing and saving helped Rachel recover and double her net worth less than five years later with peace of mind that she could start anew and retire as expected.

Develop a plan that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.


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Senior Executives

Our collaborative process provides a sophisticated and intentional approach to the needs and goals of high-income, career-focused earners.

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We help busy entrepreneurs integrate their professional and personal finances and goals so they can calibrate their efforts and fulfill their vision.

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