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We help senior executives and young professionals on the fast track organize and develop strategies to manage increasingly complex finances, compensation packages, and taxes so they can build wealth efficiently, protect their loved ones, and have more time and peace of mind to focus on their careers.

What we Offer

Our comprehensive services are a collaborative process, in which we provide a sophisticated and intentional approach to the needs and goals of high-income, career-focused earners:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning

Read Ashley’s Story

Ashley was in her 40s, married and the mother of two, and quickly progressing to the C-suite of her Fortune 500 company when she came to us. She was in her prime earning years and accumulating significant assets but lacked a clear strategy. As a high-income earner, her goal was to maximize her money while managing new risks for herself and her family. As a result, she was ready to delegate the oversight of her finances to a professional who could also be a sounding board for future planning scenarios and implications, such as moving or changing careers.


  • Managing cash flow to develop an emergency and college savings fund
  • Tax planning that considered her complex compensation and stock options
  • Developing an estate plan and facilitation among a team of professionals
  • Retirement planning and income projections


  • We helped Ashley and her husband establish and contribute to an emergency fund and 529 college savings fund, and build an estate plan that outlines the future care of their children and assets with beneficiaries, medical care directives, and guardians.
  • We provided income projections and diversified over-concentrated investments so Ashley is on track to retire at a reasonable age while achieving her current goals. We assisted Ashley in evaluating a job offer and income scenarios, allowing her to process the change and make the best decision for her family.

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We consider the unique, multifaceted roles of women in transition as primary caregivers, working professionals, retirees, and more.

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We help busy entrepreneurs integrate their professional and personal finances and goals so they can calibrate their efforts and fulfill their vision.

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