What does a financial advisor do?

Tobias Financial Advisors’ CEO, Marianela Collado, is passionate about the role our financial advisors play in the lives of our clients and the importance of financial planning in general for families and individuals who are eager to reach their goals and live their best life. While these complicated concepts are part of our day-to-day, Marianella outlines the job of a financial advisor into three distinct, but interconnected roles to help illustrate the value our professionals bring to the lives of our clients:

A Teacher of Money

To teach is to cause someone to know something, to educate, to guide and instruct, and to impart knowledge. At Tobias Financial Advisors, our vision is to inspire, educate and prepare our clients so that they can live the lives that they want. We interact with clients that have varying levels of comfort, knowledge and understanding of financial concepts, and we work to ensure that they have the basic foundation necessary to secure their goals. We create unique plans and give recommendations that are tailored to individual goals, risk profiles, and priorities. We take pride in giving our clients comfort and peace of mind in their financial lives.

A Guidance Counselor

A school guidance counselor offers advice on problems and help students make career or college decisions. Like a student struggling to decide which colleges to apply to, our clients often have important decisions to make. How much should I be saving, what changes can I make to minimize my tax bill, what should I do after I sell my business, how should I allocate my portfolio, how much insurance should I have, etc. As financial advisors, our job is to leverage our finance, tax, and investment expertise to implement a plan that works for you. We want to help you prioritize everything that you want, help you make the best possible decisions, and continue to guide you along the way.

A Money Coach

A sports coach teaches and gives instruction, but more importantly he or she observes your performance and urges or prompts you to make changes. Sometimes a coach tells you what you don’t want to hear, but you know that he or she is just trying to make you better. As financial advisors, we work with our clients and their families throughout all the ebbs and flows of life. A financial plan is not a one and done exercise. Just like there are different plays and outcomes in a sports game, life too often takes those unexpected shifts. Priorities change. We work with clients throughout their life to help them make the right decisions, adjust spending or savings when necessary, review and change their investment allocations, develop tax savings strategies, and nudge them along the way to make sure that they stay on track. If a new goal presents itself, we adjust. If a new risk comes up, we inform change.

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