What are the advantages of a CPA financial advisor?

Marianela Collado talks about how our diverse expertise adds unparalleled value to your financial planning strategy.

In working with your advisor, you’ve likely noticed that your financial future is more than just a one- number goal. It’s a complex web of different accounts and investments, involving consequential decisions along the way, all designed to get you to the lifestyle you dream of.

To look ahead to future opportunities, and to make strategic decisions at each juncture, you need advisors whose knowledge base allows them to look ahead to those choices.


1) Designating Expertise

Have you noticed the various letters after our financial advisors’ names? They highlight the diverse expertise our advisors bring to the table. When you see CPA, you know your advisor is a Certified Public Accountant.

As public accountants, CPAs have a unique outlook when it comes to finances. They are thinking about tax implications and blind spots  as well as reporting requirements, even while they are focused on your investments and portfolios. That blend of public and private focus gives them a holistic approach.

To maintain the CPA designation, CPAs must participate in continuing professional education to keep them up-to-date and knowledgeable about timely topics.


2) Future Forecasting

CPAs are well-educated in a broad range of accounting issues, including corporate finance, government accounting, reporting, and more. This depth of knowledge gives them insight into how the financial markets are interconnected and how certain aspects affect others, ultimately affecting your investments.  

With expertise in tax management and preparation, CPAs as financial planners are always thinking about how certain investment decisions will affect your income taxes now and into the future. They can help you make strategic decisions and avoid potential pitfalls down the road.


3) Overcoming Obstacles

Knowing how the tax code works and what needs to be reported is a crucial part of a CPA’s job. Being aware of compliance issues, your CPA advisor can help you put steps in place to avoid or overcome later obstacles — ensuring you have your financial affairs organized from the beginning, and at each strategic step, so problems don’t arise in the future.

With your advisor, you will better avoid obstacles and harness opportunities to get the most of every dollar you invest. A CPA and financial planner combination means you have a specialized advocate in your corner.

Here at Tobias Financial Advisors, many of our advisors are both CPAs and CFP® Professionals (Certified Financial Planners). We are proud of the depth and diversity we can bring our clients. If you have any questions about how a one of our advisors can help you plan for your future, contact us today.

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