Serving First-Generation Immigrant and First-Generation American Clients

Immigrants comprised nearly one in four, or 23.1%, of all U.S. science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workers in 2019, according to a report by the American Immigration Council. They often possess significant amount of wealth, are highly educated and skilled but unsure what to do when it comes to financial planning. Their idea about money and retirement tends to be very different due to various factors. Some grew up in countries with political and economic instability and built distrust toward government or investing in the stock market.  

Our Wealth Advisor, Catalina Franco-Cicero, MS, CFP®, CTS™ was recently quoted on Financial Planning, sharing her insights on working with first-generation immigrant and first-generation American clients. She discussed what it is like working with them, the challenges they face, and why she is passionate about helping them.

Many of our team members at Tobias Financial Advisors are also first-generation immigrants or first-generation Americans. We are proud that we have the cultural sensitivity to not only understand but embrace the challenges and different mindsets of our clients. Moreover, we are happy to offer a helping hand as they try to assimilate to the American financial system, which can be very complex. 

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