Meet Franklin “Franko” Gay

Have you ever met a real-life cowboy? Well, next time you stop by Tobias Financial Advisors make sure to say hello to Franklin “Franko” Gay. Prior to joining our team and pursuing a career in financial planning, our very own Franko worked on Florida’s largest cattle ranch and tended to the duties of a cowboy. Growing up in St. Cloud, Franko was inspired by cowboys from a young age. Franko vividly remembers schools being closed on Rodeo Day so that everyone could participate. 

While in college looking for a summer job, Franko decided to join some friends and sought employment as a cowboy. That summer, Franko would wake up in the early hours of the morning to complete necessary ranch duties and herd cattle. The opportunity to speak with Franko provided the answer to an age-old question; Why do cowboys need to herd cattle? “Cows will tend to overgraze certain portions of pastures, reducing the grass they depend on for nutrients to virtually nothing if left in one spot for too long. For them to be continually sustained, the cows must be moved to new pastures to allow the grass to recover and to assist in the (hopefully) even consumption of the pasture.” 

While Franko was spending his college summer working on the ranch, he decided that he would study business. “I loved finance and how practical the theories are to everyday life. I also love teaching people how applicable finance is to their lives, so it was natural for me to progress into advising as we are essentially stepping into a classroom every time we meet with a client.”

Today, Tobias Financial Advisors is excited to have Franko on our team, serving as a wealth advisor. Franko’s incredible energy, thirst for knowledge, and eagerness to provide our clients with the best financial planning experience have certainly benefitted the entire organization. “It is great to be a part of a firm that walks the walk, not just talks the talk. I love the passion that everyone has for the profession. I am so impressed by the depth of knowledge and strategizing that takes place on a daily basis.” Regularly, Franko gets to put into action his own passion for educating others about finance. “I enjoy the process; devising the strategy, sharing the rational with our clients, and implementing a specialized, strategic plan.”

As Tobias Financial Advisors continues to serve a select group of clients for over four decades, there is a tremendous sense of pride amongst the team. “My wish is for Tobias Financial Advisors to remain recognized as a firm on the cutting edge in the industry. I want people to know the level of planning that is done here and to look toward us as industry leaders.”

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