Hurricane Preparation and Tips

With the arrival of hurricane season, it is vital that preparations and plans are in place. This year, COVID-19 will most likely influence your emergency plan in the event of a hurricane. With the unpredictability of these storms, it is important to be prepared should a hurricane head your way.


First and foremost, it is important to have an emergency plan and discussion with the members of your household. This year, COVID-19 will most likely impact the preparations you have in place from previous years. For example, as you stock up on supplies such as water, batteries, food items, medicines, etc., consider current store shelves and availability of these essential items. Starting sooner than later will help prepare for your family’s needs. If your plan involves evacuation to a local shelter, it is important to stay up to date on the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). You can find important information about preparing and staying safe during a storm on their website:


Conducting a visual sweep of your home is always a good idea; however, hurricane season can bring this top-of-mind. Some ideas of this sweep include going around the inside and outside of your home and observe the security of the structure. Do you have loose screens or flowerpots? Where do you plan to store outdoor furniture? Do you have shutters and if so, have you done a shutter test to verify all pieces are present? These are just a few ways that you can ensure your home is prepared for the impact of a potential storm.


One of the many benefits of a financial advisor is the guidance to ensure necessary financial documents are current. Having electronic versions of personal and financial documents is important in the event of a disaster. At Tobias Financial Advisors, we keep our clients’ documents in digital format and recommend the original documents are stored in a waterproof container to prevent damage or destruction. As well, a review of insurance documents can provide peace of mind if a storm becomes a reality.  

Although we hope it will be a quiet storm season, it is important to not be caught off-guard. Preparing now, especially with current conditions, will ensure you are ready for whatever mother nature might bring this year. As proven over the last few months, Tobias Financial Advisors remains prepared to work completely remote. If you have any concerns about your assets or plans in the event of a hurricane, call us today at 954.424.1660.

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