Get to Know Yesenia Realejo

For many of us, we go through life constantly looking for answers. We start as toddlers asking why, then on to children seeking answers in school, and eventually adults searching for viable solutions in the workplace; we are forever answer seekers. For our Wealth Advisor, Yesenia Realejo, she is a believer that true learning takes place through the process used to get the answers. “Some of my best teachers never gave me the answers to my questions, they made me figure it out no matter how complex. Although this was extremely frustrating, it laid my foundational appreciation for the importance of a logical process in learning and problem solving.”

As a student at Duke University, Yesenia spent a fulfilling summer overseas. “What I initially thought would be an opportunity for me to give back to the Chilean community, turned out to be an occasion for the Chilean community to change my whole life perspective.” At the Chilean Non-Profit she worked for, she was exposed to a unique business model where entrepreneurs teamed up to work collaboratively to sustain their businesses. They take a single loan as a cohesive unit and then, still as a unit, must all pay their way. If one entrepreneur is unable to pay their debt, the others must come up with the additional funds. “This deep sense of community and joined responsibility had a major impact on the way I view a support network and showed me a very different model of teamwork than those I was accustomed to in the United States.” Over the years, Yesenia has successfully applied this mindset and experience to tutor students and more recently in helping her clients. “My experience in Chile along with my love of problem solving reinforced to me that there are many ways to accomplish a goal or task. This is something that I always have in mind when I work with students or with clients. Just as I teach them, they provide me with many lessons too. I am very careful to stay open to their approach and remain steadfast in my belief that the true value of learning happens during the process.”

As a Wealth Advisor at Tobias Financial Advisors, Yesenia has taken these lessons and transferred them to her work with clients. “I love the educational component of our service. Most importantly, I take great pride in presenting clients with informed choices so I can empower them to make informed decisions. Equipped with this knowledge, clients can feel at ease that they are in control of their own finances.” Yesenia also enjoys being a part of a team with a diverse set of experience and expertise. “Our team is comprised of professionals in many areas of financial planning. We are always willing to share our knowledge and strengths for the collective benefit of our team and clients.” As Tobias Financial Advisors celebrates its fortieth anniversary, it is important to focus on its contributions to its employees and clients. “My wish is for our firm to continue putting our clients’ minds at ease, knowing that their financial house is in the hands of a collaborative group of financial professionals that work together to look out for the client’s best interest.”

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