Get To Know Ramesh Narine

Like most young kids, Ramesh went searching for an opportunity to make new friends. To his surprise and trepidation, he discovered the track team. Admittedly not an avid runner and needing practice, during most meets, Ramesh cheered on his teammates from the sidelines, enjoying some delicious snacks. This was until one faithful day, he was needed. With a member of the relay team experiencing an injury, Ramesh was called in as a replacement. Tossing his abundance of snacks in the trash, he put on his jersey, and headed out to take his position on the track. The good news is he finished the race, but not before throwing up the snacks he had consumed prior. This embarrassing moment stuck with Ramesh; however, moments like these tend to leave a lasting impression. Although Ramesh may never have lived down this situation, he did discover that hard work leads to progress and his personal enjoyment when being a part of a team.

Today, Ramesh Narine is a leader on our Operations Team. Ramesh loves working with clients, in high pressure moments, ensuring they have what they need. “I want to be sure the client is left with a good taste in their mouth. As our clients experience their lifetime moments, we want to be sure things are getting done properly on our end.” As a leader in the back office, Ramesh understands how essential this work is to the firm meeting its overall objectives. “I like the sense of urgency and the organization of what can, at times, be a chaotic space.” It is the demanding times that reveal a person’s character and Ramesh’s dedicated approach and positive attitude reassures clients as well as team members of being in good hands. 

Joining Tobias Financial Advisors, Ramesh has relished in the friendships he has cultivated. “We are not just friends, but a small family. Tobias Financial Advisors is a group of people that care about their jobs and are always willing to go the extra mile.” Ramesh has fit right into this culture! Since starting with the firm, Ramesh has found many ways to create fun team building opportunities, so we continue to foster our unique team environment.

As Tobias Financial Advisors continues to set itself apart in the financial services industry, Ramesh’s wish for the firm is to continue doing amazing work for our clients. “Time and time again, I watch our advisors go to bat for our clients. I want our team to continue doing what we are doing and be who we are.” Ramesh’s enthusiasm for clients’ satisfaction and team spirit plays a vital role in cultivating the core values of our firm.

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