Get to Know Peggy Curtis

“There’s a story…” Many of us remember the nine blocks that appeared, with nine smiling faces, at the end of the Brady Bunch theme song. Seeing a family of that size for some seemed inspiring and for others overwhelming. Well, if you add a few more blocks, you will discover a family portrait of Peggy’s family. As the youngest of ten, our very own Margaret “Peggy” Curtis is the definition of a people person. Her upbringing surely cultivated these qualities.  “I learned diplomacy from being the youngest in a large family. My sisters were 7, 10 and 12 years older than me. Occasionally they would get into arguments and bring me into the middle of it. I had to learn how to be as neutral as possible so as not to damage my relationships with them. I learned to understand each person’s position in disagreements and sympathize with each side.” Tobias Financial Advisors has been fortunate to have Peggy on the team since 2008. Peggy serves as a Client Service Specialist and takes great pride in delivering the utmost in client service, supporting the advisors, and fulfilling administrative needs. Peggy continuously strives to grow as a professional. Recently, she earned the Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ (FPQP™) designation. She completed a rigorous course of study, covering the complexities of basic financial planning topics and their real-life applications.

When not at the office, Peggy enjoys traveling and reading. The team is always excited to hear about Peggy’s recent adventures. Peggy uses her travels to merge two of her top interests. “I love ghost stories and I love to travel, so whenever I go on vacation, I make sure I either stay in a haunted hotel (like Oak Alley in Vacherie, Los Angles), visit a haunted hot spot (like the Tower of London), or go on a ghost tour (like Ghosts and Gravestones in Key West).” Next time you are in the office, be sure to chat with Peggy about her latest trip or her plan for her next adventure.

With over ten years at Tobias Financial Advisors, Peggy remains energized and enthusiastic for the future. “What I enjoy most about Tobias Financial Advisors is the people I get to interact with every day! From our operations team to our advisors, the entire staff is filled with kind, intelligent people with fun senses of humor and they make our company a wonderful place to work. On the other side of the Tobias Financial Advisors’ coin, our clients are a very diverse group and I love hearing about their lives and learning their stories.” As Tobias Financial Advisors reaches it 40th anniversary, Peggy remains excited for the future. “My wish is that our firm is still helping our clients obtain their goals and fulfill their dreams well beyond the next forty years!”

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