Get To Know More About Matt Saneholtz

Matt Saneholtz, President, Senior Financial Advisor, Chief Investment Officer

It’s 1993 and a film about the power of determination captures audiences everywhere. This movie and its message had a significant impact on Matt. “I remember seeing Rudy in the theater and really connecting to his determination,” Matt explained. “Whether it was on the football field or in one of my classes, quitting was never an option.”

This attitude put Matt on a path of academic success, eventually leading to his position at Tobias Financial Advisors. “It was always a dream of mine to own a business and help others with their finances. “My grandfather worked for Mobil for over thirty years,” he said. “I saw how hard he worked and how he carefully invested his money. We had frequent conversations about money management which cultivated my passion for financial planning. My grandfather and father played an enormous role in who I am today.”  

Not only did this lead Matt to a career in financial planning, it also geared him toward the fee-only sector. “My grandfather was the most honest, hard-working person I know,” Matt said. “Having someone look out for his best interests and carefully guard his hard-earned money was pivotal. Today, I am committed to being that trusted person for my clients.” 

Along with his love for his business, Matt has three other loves in his life. “Growing up in a family of four boys, I now live in a house with three ladies and I could not ask for anything better.  My wife and daughters are my whole world and I feel blessed to have their love,” he said. “My favorite moment of the day is when I walk in the door and the girls come running to the door with enormous smiles on their faces. There is no better joy than that.”

“As a member of the Tobias Financial Advisors team since 2005, I feel like we are growing up together. This past September I turned 40 and next year so will our business,” Matt reflected. “As we prepare to celebrate this momentous occasion, my wish is for Tobias Financial Advisors to remain a trusted establishment in our community, surrounded by clients that sleep well each night knowing there is a team of people working hard each day to help secure their future.”

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