Get to Know Michael Tibbits

In the shadows of Michael Tibbits’ professional life lies a remarkable secret – a martial arts journey marked by victory and discipline. Michael clinched numerous medals during his competitive days, a facet of his life not widely known today. While his martial arts pursuits currently take a back seat due to the demands of parenthood, the indominable spirit and lessons learned on the mat remain a driving force behind his commitment to conquering challenges. “My competitive nature comes from the years of practicing martial arts. When I put my mind to something, I see it through, until I hit my goal.” Michael’s dedication to martial arts and the values instilled, such as discipline and determination, have significantly shaped his character and the way he operates.

Michael’s career journey is marked by curiosity. Although he initially pursued a pre-med track in college, he realized it wasn’t his true calling. Embracing his interest in stocks and bonds, he embarked on a self-driven learning journey, despite lacking a finance background. “I followed my interest in stocks and bonds. At first, it seemed like gibberish to me, so I wanted to learn all about it. It is an area that is lacking knowledge in my family, so I taught myself as much as I could with the information available to me.” This curiosity led him through sales and eventually to his role in Operations at Tobias Financial Advisors. Guided by mentors like our Chief Operating Officer, Edgar Collado, he found his passion in the back office, where he supports our advisory and client service teams, and ensures seamless operating procedures in the firm. 

Michael finds immense fulfillment in his role as Operations Associate. His enjoyment stems from the stimulating problem-solving aspect of his role and the opportunities for wearing the “investigation hat” to unravel complexities. “Operations wasn’t my first career choice but the more I do it, the more I like it. I get a rewarding feeling from making people’s lives easier.” Moreover, he values the supportive work environment and the familial atmosphere at the firm. He highlights the company’s caring nature, flexibility, and honesty, emphasizing the unique bond shared with colleagues.

Michael’s sincere wish for the firm is rooted in the preservation of the company’s core values and culture. “We are a very caring and honest company when it comes to our clients.” While he hopes for the company’s growth, he desires that this expansion does not dilute the nurturing environment he cherishes. He envisions Tobias Financial Advisors continuing as a good company with unwavering integrity, where employees are treated like family, clients are genuinely cared for, and the ethos of honesty remains unshaken. 

We are very excited to have Michael on our team as he is a testament to our firm’s commitment to fostering passionate and dedicated professionals, exemplifying the spirit of curiosity, resilience and camaraderie that defines Tobias Financial Advisors. 

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