Get To Know Lonnie Sluchak

When you ask Lonnie Sluchak, CPA, to describe a unique detail about himself, he shares a surprising past. For seven years, Lonnie worked at Home Depot, immersing himself in the world of construction. But that’s not all; during his academic pursuits in accounting, Lonnie also ventured into the travel industry, working as a travel agent. “The travel industry helped me develop crucial customer service skills and taught me the importance of prioritizing client satisfaction,” Lonnie reflects. “It was an enriching experience that allowed me to explore different cultures and destinations, fostering a deep understanding of the world.” Additionally, Lonnie’s passion for music runs deep; he has been playing the piano since he was 10 years old, showcasing his creativity and dedication outside the realm of finance.

Lonnie’s inspiration for his career path stems from familial influence and personal connections. Lonnie found guidance and inspiration from his father, who holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting. “My dad’s experience and advice were instrumental in steering me towards a career in accounting and ultimately pursuing my CPA,” Lonnie explains. Starting in a small CPA firm provided Lonnie with invaluable hands-on experience across various accounting domains, laying the groundwork for his transition to larger firms where he gained not only technical expertise but also strategic insight into running processes and leading teams. “This multifaceted background has prepared me to step into my role as Director of Tax Services at Tobias Financial Advisors, where I can leverage my skills to foster the growth of our firm in a thoughtful and impactful manner,” Lonnie adds. Tobias Financial Advisors is thrilled to have Lonnie on our team. Lonnie’s genuine care for our clients, passion for delivering exceptional service, and his enthusiasm make him an invaluable member of the Tobias Financial Advisors family.

Lonnie finds immense fulfillment in his role, attributing it to the cohesive team environment, shared commitment to client welfare, and inspiring leadership. He cherishes the camaraderie fostered within the workplace, where everyone shares a common goal of serving clients ethically and effectively. Lonnie appreciates the firm’s youthful energy and limitless potential for growth. As he puts it, “I really enjoy the tone at the top here. Edgar, Nela, and Matt actually walk the talk. There is no competition among departments. Everyone rows in the same direction. It’s unique.” This sentiment underscores Lonnie’s belief in the firm’s trajectory and his deep satisfaction in being a part of its journey.

Lonnie’s wish for the firm’s future mirrors his commitment to maintaining its essence. He envisions continued growth while staying true to the values that define the firm. “Expanding into new areas while upholding our commitment to exceptional client service is crucial,” Lonnie asserts. He underscores the significance of safeguarding the firm’s culture and values throughout this growth process, echoing his belief in the delicate equilibrium between expansion and maintaining our distinct identity. With this approach, Lonnie envisions a bright and prosperous future for Tobias Financial Advisors, where our growth is not just measured in numbers, but also in the enduring strength of our values and culture.

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