Get to Know Lily Sanchez

Listening intently, Lily internalized the stories of her friends and family. “Coming from a big family, we had many gatherings that represented different cultures. That was my time to interact and ask questions. Each person had a story of struggle, but they looked at it as a lesson learned and nothing could stop them. I learned early on that I wanted to be that way and it came naturally.”

Some of the stories that were most impactful were those of escape and desire. Lily vividly remembers hearing about these families escaping communism. “I remember listening to how three to four families fled Cuba on a small boat. Hearing about how challenging it was, seeing sharks in the ocean, having small children on the boat, and being a child myself, had a tremendous impact.” Through this experience, Lily grew in her appreciation. “I gained a huge appreciation for being born in Miami and appreciated what my family went through.” Lily’s own family escaped Cuba in 1963, two years before Lily was born in Miami. Today, Lily brings her spirit of appreciation and genuine love of people to our Tobias Financial Advisors team. As our Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, Lily is always there to greet you with a smile and spread joy throughout the office.

Prior to joining the Tobias Financial Advisors team, Lily enjoyed her time working in medical offices and public relations for an insurance firm. After giving birth to her youngest daughter, she realized that she wanted to limit her work-related travel. For the next fifteen years, Lily worked as a Transaction Coordinator in a real estate office. Today, Lily is a proud mother to three wonderful children and grandmother to five beautiful, healthy grandchildren. We, too, are very fortunate that Lily is a part of our team, going above and beyond to create a warm, inviting environment. “From the first day I started with Tobias Financial Advisors, it has been nothing short of that feeling of immense satisfaction that you are in the right place. I love what I do, and I would not change anything.”

Lily reflects on Tobias Financial Advisors’ recent 40th year anniversary celebrations, “It’s not just a corporate anniversary, but also an anniversary of a family that has grown stronger together. I take great pride in working here and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow with the company. I wish Tobias Financial Advisors many more amazing, memorable, and prosperous years.”

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