Get to Know Edzai Chimedza

Unhu can be translated as “I am because we are.” The significance of community as family and family as community is a deep-rooted value in African culture. The roles of family and community merge into the responsibility of caring for and helping those around you. Nelson Mandela once explained Unhu with the example of a man walking thousands of miles. As he stopped in each village, people would provide him with the necessary food and water simply to help their fellow human. Unhu is the steadfast belief that we are all one and as such must look out for one another.

Growing up with a commitment to unhu shaped who Edzai Chimedza is today. From a young age, Edzai realized very quickly his responsibility to help people. “Before getting into financial planning, I was in school on the pre-med track.  I was also dabbling with screenwriting and flirted with the idea of entering Florida State University’s Film program.  I think I always liked the idea of helping people and being creative in the process.” This desire eventually led him to a career opportunity in asset management. “I used to work on the asset management side of the business, constantly trying to outperform the indexes. I eventually had the opportunity to sit in a client meeting. Watching the process, it was like a light bulb went off in my head.  I could see the value of planning and the effect it had on real people.  It was a completely different experience getting to learn about people, their worries and fears, and realize that most of us are in the same boat no matter how much money we have in the bank.”  Today we are proud to have Edzai on our team as an Associate Financial Advisor.

Edzai is excited and proud to be a part of the Tobias Financial Advisors’ team. Coming to work each day, he is provided with the opportunity to work with people and provide input into creating comprehensive financial plans. He depends on his teammates and thoroughly enjoys Tobias’ team philosophy. “Working for a company, you hope for a supportive team atmosphere. At Tobias Financial Advisors, I have found a team that looks out for their clients and each other.”

As Tobias Financial Advisors reaches its 40th anniversary milestone, Edzai is excited about the future. “My wish for the company is that we have another 40 years with the same team.”

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