Get To Know Christopher Brooks

When you ask Christopher to describe his favorite childhood memory, he answers, moving. Brazil, Pembroke Pines, San Diego, Baltimore, and Barcelona are just a few places Christopher has lived in so far. Most of the time, he knew nobody in these cities before moving there and sometimes did not even speak the language. “My parents’ careers required that we move frequently. I enjoyed the diversity that the moving brought, it made me start speaking Spanish, and I learned about different cultures.” He explains that he had to be the new kid so many times, which was a very humbling experience. “You need to learn how to connect with people and relate to them to make friends.” Christopher believes that this experience helps him build trust and relate to clients in his current role of Wealth Planner.  

Originally, Christopher wanted to start a career in banking, but then looked for a path that would allow him for more client interaction. He attributes his interest in finance to two things, his parents’ advisor, and his grandfather. “It was my parents’ financial advisor who helped them save for my college and as I get older, I realize how big of an impact their advisor had on me and my parents’ lives.” But what really got Christopher interested in finance was his grandfather. “I remember chatting with him every weekend about what was going on in the markets. I was very young and did not know much, but he was patient with me, taught me how to invest and it led to a great relationship with him. We both found it enjoyable and it brought us closer.” Christopher grew interest in planning and investments and then found that wealth management allows him to do both, while giving him the opportunity to build relationships with clients. When he found his way into Wealth Management, the puzzle pieces started to fall into place. 

The most favorite aspect that stands out to Christopher about working at Tobias Financial Advisors is the culture. He believes that it is the culture that ultimately drives a business, and it comes through to our clients. “I truly enjoy our culture of people that love what they do, are friendly, yet professional, fun, and focused on teaching and making one another the best possible version of themselves.” 

Tobias Financial Advisors is excited to have Christopher on our team in his role of Wealth Planner. His enthusiasm for personal and professional development, dedication to clients and care he puts into his work is truly inspirational. 

Christopher’s wish for the firm is that it continues to grow, deliver exceptional client service, while not sacrificing what makes us TFA. “It is a fragile ecosystem, and we need to make sure we keep hiring good people who want the best for our firm and clients as we grow.” He enjoys working alongside other young, driven, and committed professionals who strive to provide an exceptional service to our clients. “My wish is that we keep these values as we grow without forgetting who we are.” 

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