Get To Know Charles “Chad” NeSmith

There are certain moments in a person’s life that make an impact. For our Portfolio Analyst Charles “Chad” NeSmith, there was a series of moments. At a young age, Chad fell in love with Boy Scouts. He enjoyed the outdoors, the camaraderie, diverse experiences, and opportunity to try new things. After years with the organization, he reached Eagle Scout status. To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, Chad was tasked to complete a community service project. As someone who appreciates a challenge, Chad decided to collect eyeglasses to send to Africa. With a small population in his town, he knew this would be a challenge. “The greatest challenges bring about the greatest impact for the greatest amount of people.” With this attitude, Chad was able to take a gamble by choosing such a large project and found success. He was able to supply over 500 glasses to those who needed them most. 

As a teenager, these types of gambles always caught Chad’s interest. In the 2000s, there was a rising interest in competitive poker. Chad, along with many of his peers, watched in awe as amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker, an accountant by trade, made headlines by bluffing his way to the national poker championship. “Chris would take huge risks that afforded him a huge reward.” Realizing this risky behavior was not a stable long-term plan, Chad focused his attention on investing. “Investing hits similar interests in a more realistic endeavor.” Today, we are excited that Chad is a part of our team. As both a CFP® Professional and Chartered Financial Analyst, Chad brings his unique set of qualifications to our investment team. With roughly 170,000 CFA charter holders world-wide, this sign of distinction adds tremendous value to our team and the clients we serve.  

“I love the job. I love the culture. I love the people.” With a supportive management team, Chad enjoys the team building and team-related events hosted by the company. “The firm is a nice size. I feel cared for and enjoy what I do.”  

As Tobias Financial Advisors moves into its 42nd year in the financial services industry, Chad is excited to be a part of its growth. “My wish is for the firm to maintain its culture, exemplary client service, and personalized feel.” 

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