Get to Know Catalina Franco-Cicero

“There are no better lessons than the ones that life has to offer.” If given the fortunate opportunity to meet Catalina “Cat” Franco-Cicero, the first thing you most likely notice is her beaming smile and positive attitude. Immigrating to America at the age of eight, Cat became a major resource for her family. As she acquired the language, she was responsible for tasks such as keeping the family’s checkbook. “This was a big responsibility, but I believe it is these types of money experiences that shape our view of finances as adults.” Upon entering college, Cat was gifted with a car from her brother and another life lesson in finance. “This car taught me so many lessons about finances. Even without the expense of a car payment, I still had to pay for insurance, gas, and be prepared to pay for a fix when the inevitable went wrong.” Little did she know, these lessons would propel her to pursue a career in financial planning. 

After you notice Cat’s contagious smile, you will most likely learn about her passion for fitness. “I view fitness and financial planning in a similar way. Athletes and those individuals committed to fitness pay attention to their bodies and its needs. They are focused, diligent, motivated and consistent. These attributes are also pivotal in financial planning.” Just as you would with any physical goal, you most likely start with the end in mind. “Working with a financial planner, we discuss long-term goals, just as an athlete would with a trainer or coach. We use this information to develop a financial plan and then work together to reach the desired result.” This type of mindset is always important; however, in times of crisis, it can become a make or break situation. “Just as injury is always a possibility in athletics, downward markets and unforeseen crises happen. Those that are in better financial shape are more likely to experience a quicker, smoother recovery.” As a Financial Advisor on the Tobias Financial Advisors’ team, Cat is humbled by the opportunity to coach her clients to their optimal financial health. 

As Tobias Financial Advisors celebrates its 40th anniversary milestone, Cat looks forward to many more years adding value to people’s lives, while having fun along the way. “I enjoy coming to work each day, surrounded by exceptional experts in the field of financial planning. A team that laughs together, stays together, and I look forward to many more successful years together.” 

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