Get to Know Alex Nichols

Acting plays a major part in Alex’s life and her journey toward her career. When she was younger, she wanted to pursue an acting career seriously and auditioned for a few roles in the theater at Belmont University. Growing up, Alex was very shy and for the most part kept to herself. The only place where she felt comfortable expressing her true self was the theater stage. “It is a big paradox because I was so shy, but whenever I was on stage, the time simply stopped, and I felt the most comfortable in front of an audience.” When others around her felt frightened, all she felt was excitement. She was able to turn her nerves into an adrenaline rush that would prepare her for her show. 

Alex attributes her inspiration that guided her toward financial planning to acting. The idea of acting is to tell a story and at Tobias Financial Advisors, Alex wants to help others tell their stories. She likens the moment she meets a client to meeting a character in a play. She feels connected to the character from the beginning until the end of the play/meeting. “It feels like being on a journey with them, going through the emotional highs and lows. I think theater has been a great foundation for coming to Tobias and pursuing my career as a planner. Whenever I feel anxious in front of a big client, I am able to turn that feeling into excitement, then take the client on a journey and help them to tell their story.” 

What drives Alex the most in her role is her desire to help people find their voice and take control of their financial situations. She especially enjoys working with women of color and seeing them finding their financial independence through knowledge and planning. “Some of these women are very shy like me and my biggest joy is connecting my passion for my profession with their passion for their business and helping them feel comfortable and confident throughout their financial journey.”  

Tobias Financial Advisors is very excited to have Alex on our team in the role of Wealth Planner. Alex’s cheerful energy and everlasting positive attitude is contagious. Her drive and meticulous approach to client experience is inspiring and very valuable for the firm’s culture. The culture that Tobias Financial Advisors creates is in fact Alex’s favorite part about working at the firm. “When I was looking for my first job out of college, I was very selective about where I wanted to be. When I found Tobias and saw the passion in people’s eyes when speaking about financial planning, I knew this was the place for me.”  

Alex’s wish for Tobias Financial Advisors is that the firm continues to prosper yet stay true to its values. “The firm goes above and beyond for our clients in a way that I have never seen before. My wish is that no matter how big or successful the firm grows, we will continue doing what is best for our clients. That we will strive to treat each new client with the same care and respect as we did for our very first clients over 40 years ago.” Aside from client service, Alex truly values the management and the family environment they are creating for all team members. Her second wish for the firm is that it keeps offering the same exceptional support to the team. “The motivation I get from my coworkers and the supervisors is empowering and makes me want to do my best every day. Instead of feeling pressure to perform, I feel supported, and I look forward to coming to work every morning and growing with the firm.”

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