Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum – Grand America Hotel – Salt Lake City, UT – September 28-30, 2022

Tobias Financial Advisors is proud to announce that our COO Edgar Collado will be presenting at Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum on September 29th. The Insider’s Forum conference is intended for financial advisory business professionals and is designed to provide essential information for running and growing prosperous businesses. It is also a valuable opportunity to network and exchange insights with other industry thought leaders.

Edgar’s presentation on “Equity Programs to Attract and Retain Top Talent” will explore solutions for practice owners to develop rewards systems that go beyond traditional salary or bonus arrangement. During the session, Edgar will cover different equity program structures and implementations, from traditional buyouts and equity transfers to synthetic (phantom) equity programs. The objective is to obtain a better understanding of different ownership structures used to provide incentives to key staff members as well as their implementation.

To learn more about Insider’s Forum and to register, visit:

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