A Financial Tune-Up!

Imagine driving on the highway when suddenly, a light illuminates the dashboard indicating that something is wrong;  it’s time to bring your vehicle in for servicing.  Initially, some may pretend not to see the light; however, ultimately we realize that something needs to be done.  Unlike our vehicle, there is no warning light indicating when your financial affairs require attention, but often attention is needed and if not addressed, may cause greater problems down the road, just like that engine light.

While cruising through life, the only constant is change.  As we are all aware, life takes many twists and turns. Think about what has occurred within your very own family within the last few years, i.e., did anyone change jobs, become ill, move to a new home or a new city, or welcome a new child or grandchild?  The list is endless and events like these occur all too frequently and often result in unforeseen and sometimes costly solutions.   Appropriate planning may alleviate some of the stresses as well as the need to make hastily and poorly planned decisions.  Remember the saying, No one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan.

A financial review allows for a calm and thorough analysis of one’s current situation and circumstances.  This allows you to take a step back from life’s daily pressures to think about financial planning and your life’s goals.  There is no time like the present to take a financial look “under the hood.”

The time involved in a financial review will vary depending on your circumstances and organization. The review may consist of your dreams and goals, a look at your net worth, your income sources as well as your expenses, and may include discussions of taxes, investments, debts, retirement planning, college funding, insurance, and estate planning.

Just like you participate in preventative medicine, in order to remain financially healthy, consider being proactive with your finances.

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