Get to Know Marianela Collado

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This profound thought by Benjamin Franklin directly relates to our CEO Marianela “Nela” Collado. “Growing up, I loved school. I loved learning, especially math. My teachers were some of my greatest influences and motivators.” With this type of inspiration, for a very long time, Nela dreamed of becoming a teacher. “The way teachers impact a child’s life is unmatched. I wanted to be this for the next generation.”

Upon entering college and beginning her education classes, Nela soon realized that although she loved education, her true passion was mathematics.  “It always came easy to me. I could just see the numbers, swiftly solve complex problems, and enjoyed working with spreadsheets.” As Nela interned and worked in various financial accounting roles, she decided to switch her major and pursue her love of math. “When I discovered accounting and tax, I was hooked. I loved the classes and was motivated to achieve the role of a Certified Public Accountant.” After achieving this goal and working in the field of accounting, Nela started to miss her desire to educate and work with people. “As an associate at Arthur Andersen, I was in awe of all the complex planning and structures put in place for my high net worth clients.” Nela decided that she wanted to merge her passion for numbers and love of people. As a result, she studied for her Certified Financial Planner designation. Once she obtained the designation, she set out to find an opportunity that would allow her to pursue this dream. The rest is history!

“Today as the CEO of Tobias Financial Advisors, I get to work with the most wonderful people, provide complex solutions, and educate our clients about the significance of comprehensive financial planning. I get to live two dreams.”

As Tobias Financial Advisors celebrates its 40th anniversary, our CEO could not be prouder and more excited for the future. “At Tobias Financial Advisors we work hard every day to help our clients create sound financial plans so they can live the lives they want. As the company’s CEO, I am beyond grateful for our clients and team who allow me to live the life I always dreamed of.”

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