The True Value of a Financial Planner

At the start of our adult lives, so much of our time is spent on how we’re going to earn our living and build a career that satisfies us. So little of that time is spent on planning how to manage our wealth once we’ve started building our earning power. Time begins to be spread thin; our attention gets drawn elsewhere. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we miss opportunities that would have otherwise catapulted us toward our goals. Choosing to partner with a financial planner could help you spot these opportunities.

We understand how the pieces of your financial puzzle fit in the big picture of your personal goals. Oftentimes a client knows what they want. They may even have an idea what they need in order to get there. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional is able to provide the plan and the resources to help fill that need and guide you through each step towards fulfilling your goal.

While financial advisors are big picture thinkers, we also know the importance of details. As a result of their experience and education, CFP® professionals delve into the nuances of financial management and planning. Their service is tailored to each specific client’s financial situation, taking into account every detail from tax breaks to insurance deficits. The high-earning CEO is going to have different needs than the self-employed entrepreneur.

Financial planners can help you anticipate and help you prepare for life’s milestones. Wealth management and financial planning isn’t a stagnant activity. Adaptations and reevaluations are necessary to keep you on track or help you change direction should that be your goal. Whether you’re growing your family, starting a new business, or hanging up your hat to enjoy your retirement, we can help you navigate the terrain. Your financial planner should be adept at foreseeing both the obstacles and the opportunities that lay ahead of you.

We take on the burden of risk management as part of the financial planning strategy. Each client has a unique risk threshold when it comes to their investments. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we also work as your fiduciary, meaning your best interest is always our priority. Identifying any biases you may have as well as educating you on market volatility, are just a couple of ways we help you understand the risks.  

Sometimes we regret not thinking of doing something sooner or feel like we should have “known better” when we face a financial setback or miss an opportunity for growth. But don’t beat yourself up, this is a symptom of being ambitious. Managing the day-to-day of your profession, family, and your investments generally goes beyond what any single person can do. Financial planners are strategic partners that can help you analyze the financial road ahead and help you reach your goals.

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