Helen Burzo is a Client Service Specialist who is dedicated to providing the utmost in customer service. She helps ensure that every client feels that they are getting the best, most personalized service possible. She handles interactions with custodians, manages client paperwork and processing, account transfers, and is generally available for any client service request.

Helen has over 10 years of diverse experience as a Procurement Analyst and Executive Administrative Assistant in a number of industries including energy, gas, and food distribution.

Helen leads with a customer service mindset. Whether she is dealing with internal or external stakeholders, excellent customer service is her number one priority in all of her interactions. During her career she has developed great problem-solving abilities, she adapts to situations with ease, and is a quick learner of processes and systems to get the job done right.

Helen has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida International University, and excited to put her education and experience to use servicing our clients.

Helen is originally from New Jersey and moved to Florida to attend university. In her spare time, Helen enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends, visiting family, and researching anything she is curious about from learning about wine to understanding real estate investing.