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Discussing Finances with Aging Parents and Loved Ones

Discussing financial issues is never easy, but when you need to have that conversation with aging parents or loved ones, it’s common for the conversation to become even more difficult. According to a study by the National Endowment for Financial Education, seven out of ten adults find it difficult to discuss financial issues with aging […]

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Protect Your Elders from Financial Abuse

When it comes to financial exploitation, the unfortunate reality is that the elderly are often the targets of scams and other abusive criminal activity. Since financial elder abuse is a crime that is on the rise, it is important to recognize when it is taking place. It is also important to understand what steps should […]

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Taking Care of Your Loved Ones: Start the Conversation

As we grow older and accumulate wealth, we gradually steer our minds toward the legacy we’ll leave behind for our families. We want to ensure our families reap the benefits of our earnings after our passing and will be supported as they pursue their own life goals. While legacy planning can begin at any stage, […]

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Does Your Business Have A Succession Plan?

When it comes to business planning as a financial planner, creating a succession plan ranks high on the list of musts for any company with employees. Ben Tobias of Tobias Financial Advisors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida gives advice in his Financial Advisor Magazine article about how to go about setting up that first succession plan […]

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