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Saving for Retirement Just Got More Complicated

The recent passage of the Secure Act 2.0 introduced fresh opportunities for retirement savings, but it also brought along some potential challenges that could catch savers off guard. Being aware of these possible drawbacks can enable you to make more informed decisions or, at least, be ready for future implications. Our CEO Marianela Collado, CPA/PFS, […]

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401 (k) vs. Roth 401 (k): Which One is Better for You?

Are you confused about which retirement plan is better suited for your individual financial situation? If you or someone you know is unsure, you will want to check out this article on Bankrate. In the article, our CEO Marianela Collado, along with other industry experts, provide the pros and cons of choosing between these two […]

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The Numbers That Matter for Retirement

In the process of financial planning for retirement, we work with a lot of different statistics and formulas to get you the information you need. We analyze your income, investments, savings and returns  to assess how much money you have right now, how much you will have, and how much you can have, based on […]

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