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Should I Roll Over My 401(k) When I Move to a New Job

Are you wondering if you should roll over your 401(k)? Whether you are switching jobs or researching a potentially better investment option, before you roll over your 401(k) there are certain things to consider. Recently, our CIO and Senior Wealth Advisor Matt Saneholtz was quoted on MarketWatch providing a word of caution prior to making […]

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401 (k) vs. Roth 401 (k): Which One is Better for You?

Are you confused about which retirement plan is better suited for your individual financial situation? If you or someone you know is unsure, you will want to check out this article on Bankrate. In the article, our CEO Marianela Collado, along with other industry experts, provide the pros and cons of choosing between these two […]

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Is Your 401(k) Working For You?

Is a 401(k) part of your retirement plan? For many Americans, it’s an integral part of their financial planning strategy. But are you making the most of your 401(k)? You don’t have to be a passive bystander. Getting the most from your plan can come with a few changes.  Recently, Marianela Collado was quoted in […]

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5 Ways to Automate Your Savings — a Smart Financial Move

I grew up in Queens, New York. From an early age, I learned a powerful financial principle — and saw that simple concept can make all the difference in lifetime financial success. No matter how much money people were making or what type of job they had, if they automated their savings, they were better […]

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Smartest, dumbest things people do with 401(k) funds

What mistakes do people make often with their 401(k)’s? How can you take advantage of the benefits of 401(k) funds? Marianela Collado discussed Roth to IRA conversions with CNBC. Read the full article here.   —– Hyperlinks on this site point to sites beyond this page. We provide these links as a convenience only and […]

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Key Dates During Retirement

Just like any goal in life, your retirement is met in stages. Those stages often coincide with a particular age date and are comprised of different levels of benefits and opportunities to protect your lifestyle. Marianela Collado, Senior Financial Advisor at Tobias Financial Advisors, shares how to maximize your wealth during retirement and keep track […]

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