Planned Giving Council of Broward – Stocks and bonds under pressure, why and what could come next? – September 21

Recently, our Portfolio Analyst, Charles “Chad” NeSmith spoke at the Planned Giving Council of Broward. The discussed topics included market performance, breakdown of broad economic data and their effect on planned giving.

Chad spoke at length about the nature of inflation we are seeing, the economy, and how it’s moved somewhat from a supply side to demand side issue. He further elaborated on the Federal Reserve, what they’re doing to combat these issues, and possible outcomes for the economy and markets going forward.

Chad laid out three scenarios which included a potential recession, stagflation, and the soft landing we’re all hoping for. He also pointed out that many prominent market participants think inflation is already falling and the Fed may overtighten should they misinterpret economic data.

If this topic interests you or should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our advisors who will be happy to provide further information. 

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