Inside the Mind of Younger Clients with Yesenia Realejo

Recently, our Wealth Advisor Yesenia Realejo, CFP® was a guest on the NextGen Planners podcast hosted by Dan Graham.

In the episode, “Inside the Mind of Younger Clients” Yesenia discussed the type of clients she works with, what challenges they face every day, the rise of “flexible” financial planning, and Yesenia’s work with the next generation. 

She also shared why it is crucial to work with younger clients and why she is passionate about it. “Being able to help young clients with the competing forces like buying a first home, getting married, having kids, etc., is so rewarding to me. I am excited when I can relieve them of the financial pressure that a lot of other 30-year-olds have at their most expensive time of their lives.”

You can listen to the episode here:




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