Lily Sanchez

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

American Senior High
Miami, Florida

English, Spanish

Always smile, acknowledge someone’s presence, be positive, hug someone, be at peace with yourself, family

Meditation, gardening, travel, fishing

Lily Sanchez serves as our Receptionist and Administrative Assistant. With a passion for efficiency and attention to detail, she serves as the first point of contact for clients and prospects, offering a friendly and knowledgeable demeanor that leaves a lasting positive impression. Efficiency and organization are at the core of Lily’s responsibilities. She organizes and schedules client meetings, ensuring that appointments are set in a timely manner and that all necessary details are communicated to the appropriate parties. She ensures that calendars are up to date, minimizing scheduling conflicts and maximizing productivity. Lily also assists with client onboarding, ensuring that all necessary documentation and information are gathered and filed accurately. 

Apart from her receptionist role, Lily takes pride in maintaining a well-organized and tidy office environment. Her dedication to fostering positive client experiences and her ability to support multiple departments makes her an invaluable member of the team. 

Prior to joining our firm, Lily worked at Coldwell Banker where she was praised and recognized for assisting over 150 agents. In 2006, Lily became a transaction coordinator at a real estate firm in Weston and continued to work in the real estate industry for many years. Seeking a new opportunity, we were fortunate to have Lily join our team in 2020.

In her free time, Lily enjoys dancing, fishing, meditating, and gardening. Her greatest pleasure is spending time with her husband, three children, and six grandchildren. Next time you stop by the office, Lily will be excited to greet you with her contagious smile and warm personality.

“As a receptionist, I go beyond making a good first impression. I strive to create a lasting impression that embodies the essence of our organization. I aim to represent our values and leave you with a memorable experience that resonates long after our interaction.”

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