Get to Know Andrea Saneholtz

“For as long as I can remember, writing provided an escape. As a child, I escaped into a world of imagination. As an adolescent, I documented my daily happenings through a journal. In college, I found a voice as a fiction writing major. Writing was always an easy choice; I enjoyed and appreciated what it brought into my life.”

Upon graduation and entering the job hunt, our resident writer was intrigued by the opportunity to teach by the beach. Andrea was hired as a middle school language arts teacher and presented with the chance to pass her passion for writing onto others. For the next fifteen years, she would dedicate her life to helping children demonstrate their thoughts and understanding of text through writing. “By building their confidence in writing, it transitioned into confidence building in so many other areas. I am truly proud of my years in the classroom.”

As much as Andrea enjoyed teaching, she always hoped to pursue an opportunity as a writer. In 2019, the perfect opportunity presented itself. Andrea Saneholtz joined Tobias Financial Advisors as a part of our Marketing Team. “Joining the Tobias Financial Advisors’ team as a Marketing Associate has allowed me to use my writing skills to accurately and creatively present the mission and happenings of a company I have been a part of for many years.”

Looking back at the past fifteen years, Tobias Financial Advisors has been such a big part of Andrea’s life. As the firm has grown, so have Andrea and Matt. “Today, Matt and I are parents to two precious girls. We enjoy coaching, helping with homework, playdates, reading together, and the many other joys of parenthood.”

As Tobias Financial Advisors embarks on its 41st year in business, Andrea feels tremendous pride. “From watching on the sidelines to earning a place on the team, I am so excited for the future and its endless possibilities. My wish is for Tobias Financial Advisors to remain a trusted institution that continues to cultivate special relationships with the many amazing people we serve.”