Get to Know Marnie Bourne

Atari, Nintendo, Commodore 64…these are just a few of the video game systems you may remember from your childhood. At that time in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a mystery to most how engineers got one system to play so many games. Today, coding is a major buzz word and focus in most schools across the world. Our very own Marnie Bourne started coding from a very young age. “My dad refused to go out and buy us a video game system. If we wanted to play a video game, we were going to have to create it.” This helped cultivate a love of math and science from a very young age. “These subjects always came easy to me. My dad is an engineer and, growing up in our household, math and science were always in the forefront of learning. I never thought twice about pursuing these subjects just because I was a girl.” 

Upon graduating high school, Marnie attended the University of Michigan to study electrical engineering. “I remember walking into my classes in the School of Engineering and feeling like I stood out. I was one of few females in a very male-dominated field.” After some time, Marnie decided to move into Economics, where once again she experienced few fellow female students.  Marnie’s love of math and science motivated her to find success early in her career in a male-dominated industry. 

After graduating college, Marnie pursued opportunities within the financial industry. Marnie worked on Wall Street for various institutional investment firms in trading and analysis and even launched a hedge fund. After a decade long career, motherhood became a major part of Marnie’s life. Marnie welcomed three beautiful children and made that her new full-time job. Although Marnie enjoys all the parts of being a mother, she longed to use her analytical brain. Through this desire, she began volunteering for nonprofits in her area. She pursued leadership positions at these organizations that focused on helping other women and mothers be successful.  

In 2018 Marnie moved to Florida and soon after, Tobias Financial Advisors was fortunate to welcome her to the team as an Operations Associate. She is passionate about ensuring we are continuously reviewing and improving our clients’ experience. Marnie is once again able to put her analytical skills to use as she finds ways to enhance our processes. “Reaching a 40th anniversary is a huge milestone. I wish Tobias Financial prosperous, healthy growth.”