Get to Know Kyle Mitchell

Lights, camera, action! Horror movies graced most of our childhoods. Attending your first sleepover, suddenly on the T.V. screen comes Freddy Kruger tearing about the community. From there, nightmares engulfed our sleeping minds. Our very own Kyle Mitchell not only enjoyed these films as a child, he had a starring role. From a young age, Kyle had a love of theatre. From performing on the stage to achieving a part in a feature film, Kyle achieved the title of child actor. Not only did this employment opportunity teach Kyle work ethic and responsibility, he learned the value of a dollar and money management. “I remember getting my paycheck and investing my money in the market. I was able to make financial planning decisions early on and see my money grow.” Today we are proud to have Kyle on our team as an Associate Financial Advisor. He is passionate about financial planning and works with our advisory team to support clients with their planning needs.

Acting and family played a profound role in sculpting Kyle into who he is today.  Growing up as an only child, Kyle’s family frequently hosted exchange students.  Not only did this provide Kyle with lifelong relationships, it gave him a deep understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures. “Living with someone new, you first adjust and later form familial relationships.  To this day, these are valuable relationships in my life.” These experiences provided Kyle with many important skills.  He learned to be comfortable in seemingly uncomfortable situations and speak with ease in a variety of situations.

While searching for the right college major, Kyle recognized he enjoyed math early on and wanted to merge this with his passion for working with people. When he finally took a financial planning class, he realized it was the perfect fit. From his early experiences with managing his own hard-earned money to now helping others, Kyle is thrilled to be starting his financial planning career.

As a newer member of the Tobias Financial Advisors team, Kyle is immersing himself in the firm and is proud to be a part of Tobias’ 40th anniversary celebration. “I wish Tobias Financial Advisors continued growth in assets and relationships. May we never lose sight of our vision to educate and inspire our clients and focusing on their needs.”